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Composite Doors Have Evolved

next-generation composite doors

The next-generation composite door by Distinction Doors offers significant benefits to the UK Door Fabricator, with reductions in;

  • machining time
  • waste and waste disposal costs
  • glazing consumables
  • glazing time



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The next-generation door comes pre-apertured in the 6 most popular door styles (all in 3 trimmable sizes and 6 standard colours) – this means it only requires sizing and prepping for hardware and eliminates aperture off-cuts, which;

  • Reduces machining time by an average of 2 minutes per door
  • Increases machine capacity or alternatively increases tooling yield and reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces waste and therefore waste disposal costs
  • Protects the environment



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Integral Glass Retention Bead

Each next-generation composite door comes with an integral glass retention bead fitted internally.


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Revolutionary Glazing System

The next-generation glazing system provides the UK Door Fabricator with a significant reduction in:

  • Glazing time – an average saving of at least 50%
  • Glazing consumables – an average saving of at least 50%


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Truly Unique Finish

The next-generation glazing system has patent pending status and features a one-piece glazing bead that sits flush with the door’s surface, something you will not find on any other composite door and that provides homeowners with:

  • Unrivalled balanced aesthetics with the door’s mouldings
  • Crisp clinical sightlines
  • Enhanced kerb appeal