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Container orders

Our container order service is designed for fabricators needing large supplies of blanks and cassettes. It is a cost-effective and flexible service designed to help you manage your business.

Each 40 ft container is supplied directly to your premises from Nan Ya in Taiwan.

Each container holds approximately;

  • 650 door blanks or a reduced number of blanks with glazing cassettes.
  • Blanks are supplied in quantities of 25 blanks per pallet and must be ordered by pallet. Each pallet of 25 must be the same size, style and colour.

We also offer an unloading and reload service where the container comes to us, we unload it and send the contents to you on a lorry.

We will work with you to establish the best mix of blanks to be ordered. We operate a swap system on our standard products of pallet for pallet (colour for colour and white for white) from our warehouse. This means you will not be left with pallets that are not needed if the requirements of your contract changes.

To discuss prices, delivery times and requirements for a bulk container order, please contact us.

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