As the composite door sector continues to outperform the rest of the industry, Chantel Roach, Marketing Director at Distinctions Doors, considers why this is and explains why Distinction’s doors are the sector’s leaders.

The growth of the composite door industry is nothing short of astonishing. Just ten years ago, composite doors accounted for 19% of the total door market. Last year it was 38% and by next year it’s predicted to be over 50%.

It’s a remarkable rise. But why are composite doors proving so popular? I think it’s very simple: they give homeowners everything they want from a home improvement product at an attainable price point.

First of all, they’re beautiful. A composite door instantly smartens up a home’s entrance and improves the kerb appeal. The best composite doors are virtually indistinguishable from their timber equivalents in terms of aesthetics and they bring elegance and class.

But it’s better than that. The beautiful aesthetics are also easy to maintain. Homeowners get all the beauty of timber with none of the maintenance involved. A composite door will retain its vibrant colour long after a timber door would have needed to be stripped and repainted. In contrast, all a composite door needs is an occasional wash with warm soapy water.

And it gets even better. Not only are composite doors beautiful and easy to maintain, they are also reassuringly secure. With multipoint locking as standard on a composite door, it’s easy for a homeowner to achieve enhanced security and complete peace of mind too.

The composite door industry has done an exceptional job in promoting these advantages. As the UK’s number one composite door supplier, I think it would be fair to say that our marketing and our customers’ marketing have been instrumental in developing homeowners’ perception of composite doors.

Of course, it helps that Distinction doors represent the ultimate when it comes to the selling points of composites.

Our doors feature a beautifully authentic woodgrain based on real oak. The woodgrain is carried through to the glazing cassette, as is the moulding design, for a seamless and elegant finish that lesser doors simply don’t have. We offer a stunning range of glazing styles under the Distinction Glass brand to enable homeowners to personalise their choice. We also offer over 40 colours to help homeowners create a truly distinctive look.

A Distinction door also offers enhanced levels of security thanks to the rigid polymer sub-frame, high density insulated core, high impact resistant GRP skin, triple glazed glazing cassette and multipoint locking mechanism. The door leaf and glazing system are major components when part of a door set and have a proven ability to achieve PAS24:2016, industries enhanced security standard, a prerequisite in attaining certification to Secured by Design a police initiative to protect against unlawful intrusion.

A composite door is wonderfully thermally efficient in comparison to a timber door, helping to keep homes warmer and heating bills down. Our door is the most thermally efficient door on the market by quite some margin – 19% more thermally efficient than a 48mm solid timber core composite door and 17% more thermally efficient than a 44mm traditional timber panelled door. Our door also offers exceptional weatherproofing and soundproofing to keep the cold and noise at bay.

As the industry’s biggest supplier of composite doors, we have a responsibility to ensure our customers are equipped with the support they need to make the most of our door’s market-leading credentials. Our brochures showcase everything our doors have to offer. Our website is state-of-the-art and includes the inspirational Door Designer that allows homeowners to design their very own front door then submit a request for a quote, helping to generate warm leads for our customers. We use real swatches of our woodgrain skin in our retail brochures so homeowners can truly see what each colour will look like. Our new Distinction Glass brand gives our glazing elements the spotlight they deserve.

Our technical support is impressive too. Our team of experts is on hand to support new customers as well as answer any technical queries about the fabrication and installation of our products.

As we move forward, we’ll be looking at what we need to do to maintain the dominance of the composite door in the marketplace. To my mind, the best way we can do that is to continue to do what we have always done: remain at the forefront of the industry with product developments and market-driven innovations that blaze a trail for others to follow.