Andy Grogan, associate sales director at Distinction Doors, explains how the company’s high performance products can maximise opportunities for fabricators in new-build and retail.

With many of us choosing (or should that be forced?) to holiday in the UK recently, you’ll have been hard pressed to miss the number of housing estates sprouting up behind hedgerows.  The boundaries of quaint market towns are creeping ever further, beyond the barrier of a by-pass to farmland beyond. This is certainly the case in my local town.

Where once you could hear the thwack of leather on willow, now resonates the sound of hammer and drill as a three-storey apartment block takes shape on what was for many years, the local cricket pitch. Over the road, to the south, Barrett Homes are chipping away at 350+ houses on former farmland.

While they may be visually prominent, and for some a blot on the landscape and damaging to the environment, these houses are essential.

Best Possible Products

We need more houses. And with this demand comes the pressure of balancing the requirements of homeowners, landlords, residents, local councils and government.

High on the agenda is environmental impact and performance. From the Government carbon emissions target to reducing energy bills for homeowners, this matters more than ever.

As a result, every element of a new build house is scrutinised. That’s why as a supplier for the UK building and construction industry, we have a responsibility to offer our customers the very best possible, high-performance entrance doors.

Our 70mm GRP composite door is one such product.

High Achiever

Featuring a double rebate our 70mm is 57% thicker than a standard door.  It’s high-density core not only makes a home energy efficient, but it is also proven to reduce outdoor noise. Acoustic performance is boosted further as every 70mm features 50mm triple glazing. The door is proven to reduce outdoor noise by an average of 31dB – a real benefit in buildings of multiple-occupancy and busy housing estates.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the 70mm is one of the best doors on the market. It is independently proven to be substantially more thermally efficient than traditional timber doors and timber core composite doors.

A big box-ticker for the commercial sector is the door’s 25-year structural warranty. Excellent weatherproofing (BS 6375-1 certified) means it won’t suffer from water absorption which can lead to skin delamination and cause functional problems often associated with lower quality products.

Combined, this makes our 70mm GRP composite door an extremely attractive proposition for fabricators working in both the commercial and domestic markets. 

Visually Appealing

What’s most impressive about our 70mm door is that it’s got both style and substance. Physical integrity is matched by stylish good looks. The range includes 22 different door designs, including our Classical Half Glazed, Esteem, Eclat and subtle, statement door, the RE04-70. Customers can also opt for a solid style. In fact, it is with this option that you can best appreciate the 70mm, especially its woodgrain effect developed from oak tree grain.

The range can be painted in any RAL colour.

Glass Act

For those choosing a glazed door style, the robust performance of our 70mm range is complemented by 50mm thick glass. This is double the thickness of our standard glass. We offer a range of four, laminated as standard glass designs to suit traditional and contemporary styling.

Kara is one of our most popular glass designs and features clear bevels and textured glass with brass or zinc caming. Our most traditional design, the Edwardian features a variety of coloured and textured glass.  For more contemporary door styles we offer Monza and Aspen, while distinctly different in design they both feature grey bevels and textured glass.

 There you have it. Our 70mm door.

It’s the epitome of the strong, silent type, providing strength, protection, comfort and style. If your portfolio lacks a reassuring presence and you want to maximise opportunities in new build and retail markets, contact Distinction Doors to find out more.