When we launched the nxt-gen range in 2017 we believed that it would revolutionise the composite door industry. Why? Because it delivers on so many levels.

Then and now, a nxt-gen door is two minutes quicker to machine than a standard composite door, uses less energy and offers a greater tooling yield, meaning our fabricators can manufacture more doors in the same amount of time and for a lower cost.

A nxt-gen door creates less waste as the door is manufactured pre-apertured. This not only reduces waste disposal costs for our fabricators, but it is also better for the environment.

While being revolutionary our nxt-gen range still uses the same size glazing units as our signature door so requires no complicated set up or changeover.

Five years on, our nxt-gen range has brought all these benefits and more.

This year, sales to date reveal that consumer appetite for the nxt-gen range is unabated. We believe that this success can be attributed, in part, to rising consumer interest in flush products.

Customer comment

Clearview Glaziers in Peterborough is a Distinction fabricator and has taken the nxt-gen range for more than three years. “nxt-gen are our most popular doors, by far,” says Robin Squibb, MD of Clearview Glaziers.

“We transferred many of our trade and commercial customers onto nxt-gen early on, and they much prefer them. The same goes for our retail and home improvement clientele.

“For retail, it’s all about the look. nxt-gen is an eye-pleaser; it’s modern, with clean lines. Our trade customers prefer it for the ease and convenience – there’s no cassette, for example, so if de-glazing is ever required, it’s much easier.”

Alongside trade and retail customers, nxt-gen has also piqued the interest of Clearview’s commercial clients, most notably local authorities and housing associations.  “Some customers can be extremely demanding, and nxt-gen allows us to meet, and often exceed those demands. We can offer tenant’s choice while adhering to the landlords’ requirements for weatherproofing, energy efficiency, security, sound insulation and maintenance.

“With nxt-gen we can give our clients, regardless of sector, all the options they need.”

Launch of new nxt-gen Craftsman

To mark the fifth anniversary of the nxt-gen range, we have launched a new and exclusive one-of-a-kind door style – the nxt-gen Craftsman.

Evocative of 1930s, inter-war door designs, the nxt-gen Craftsman launches in two sizes – 838mm and 914mm. The glazing area can be enhanced with five decorative glass designs – Aspen, Edwardian, Kara Brass, Monza and Palma.

The new door style is available in White, Distinction Anthracite Grey and colours from the Distinction Doors bespoke colour palette, including six new colours.

The nxt-gen Craftsman is available to order through the company’s customer online ordering platform. It has been added to the popular sales tool – the door-designer.co.uk, and features in the latest product brochure – launched in April.

With this new addition, the Distinction Doors nxt-gen range now includes seven door styles all with the company’s exclusive flush-fitted beaded system and moulding. Hugely beneficial to Distinction fabrication customers, this range has the competitive edge requiring significantly less glazing time and consumables.

In strengthening our offering for our fabrication customers, we are giving home improvement and installation companies the advantage – they can offer consumers more of what they want.