nxt-gen, Distinction Doors’ groundbreaking new range of composite doors is available now. Sales and Marketing Director Chantel Roack celebrates the new generation of composite doors and discusses the pioneering benefits.

What difference would a door like this make to your bottom line? A door that is two minutes quicker to machine than the current standard, uses less energy and offers a greater tooling yield, meaning you can manufacture more doors in the same amount of time and at a lower cost? A door that creates less waste so waste disposal costs are reduced?

A door that is quicker to glaze and uses fewer glazing consumables so it is quicker and cheaper to finish? A door that while being revolutionary still uses the same size glazing units as our current signature door so requires no complicated set up or changeover? A door that is easier to deglaze so it is easier to maintain or repair?

If this sounds like the sort of door you’d be interested in, let me introduce nxt-gen, the new generation of composite door. It delivers all these benefits and more and it’s available now.

When we started to develop the nxt-gen range, our aim was to take composite doors to the next level and that’s exactly what we’ve done. By making small but significant changes to our composite door, we’ve moved the industry forward dramatically.

Let’s start with the door blank.

Nxt-gen doors are available in three trimmable sizes (914mm, 838mm and 762mm), which cuts down on waste. The glazing system is integral and preformed, which cuts machining time, as does the consistent letter plate positioning across all the styles in the range.

Glazing is quicker and the internal glazing bead is prefitted and in one piece, which cuts down on glazing consumables. And because the glazing bead does not project beyond the skin, it’s less susceptible to costly damage and deglazing is easier to carry out if it is required.

But nxt-gen doors don’t just make your business more profitable, they also enhance your customers’ homes more than ever before.

Nxt-gen doors have stunning aesthetics. Clinical sightlines deliver beautiful symmetry because the glazing apertures line up perfectly with the depression mouldings. The glazing system is unique because it sits flush within the frame and has an internal glass retention bead to create a more sleek and beautiful finish. At the same time as making these developments, we have also retained the renowned oak tree grain timber effect for which we are so well known and admired.

In the nxt-gen range we have also taken the practicalities of the door to the next level too. The insulated foam core still delivers market-leading thermal performance as well as helping to deliver an exceptional acoustic performance with a weighted reduction of 31 decibels. The door reduces the risk of water ingress by 50%. Nxt-gen doors are PAS24: 2016 compliant as standard and for complete peace of mind, come with a 25 year structural warranty.

If nxt-gen sounds like a door range that your business and your customers would benefit from, here’s what you need to know. The range is available in six of our most popular styles: Eclat Arch, Eclat, Classical Half Glaze, Classical, Elegance and Esteem. There are seven pre-pigmented standard colours: White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Chartwell and Anthracite Grey and bespoke colour is available on an extended lead time. It uses the Distinction Glass range of triple laminated glass units so you can work with both our signature range and our nxt-gen range with ease.

The success of our industry is built on innovation and in the nxt-gen composite door you can see it in action. To find out more and be one of the first to bring the tried, tested and trusted door from the UK’s number 1 composite door supplier into your portfolio, contact us today on 0345 2000 816.