Chantel Roach, Marketing Director at Distinction Doors, discusses the role of product quality and value-added marketing support in aiding customers’ sales growth.

I have always been a firm believer that no matter what the industry, when it comes to marketing, the most important ingredient is the product. When you’ve got the right product in your portfolio, half the battle is won.

We’re fortunate here at Distinction Doors that we have a product that meets all the essential requirements across all of the major door markets, putting our customers in a great position to succeed. The fact that there have been over three million Distinction GRP composite doors installed in the UK over the past 15 years is a great testament to this and the product’s unrivalled pedigree. 

Quite simply, Distinction’s GRP composite doors have the winning formula. Our doors have exceptional security, low maintenance and supreme durability, but perhaps most importantly they look great! We have a huge range of styles and colours available and all benefit from our beautifully authentic woodgrain skin that is repeated on the slim glazing cassette.

This unique formula also means our customers are in a great position to take advantage of the growing retail sector, where the quality of the product on offer will take even greater importance. This is true because entrance doors are no longer what you might call an “impulse purchase,” homeowners are spending a great deal of time to search for the right product, creating a shortlist and then comparing their performance to reach a decision as to what is the best overall fit for them.

Of course, while our customers have the competitive advantage of being able to offer the UK’s favourite entrance door, we also need to make sure they are equipped with the right marketing materials to raise awareness and desire for their door sets amongst their specific target market, so they can generate and close more sales and grow their business.

At Distinction Doors we take marketing support very seriously because we know that the right marketing support can make the difference in our customers’ success with our product. The emphasis we place on it is perhaps best demonstrated in the fact that our in-house marketing team doubled in size last year, allowing us to provide more marketing support to our customers than ever.

This growth allows us to provide personalised support to our customers and help with the development of brochures, adverts, flyers and PR to maximise promotional opportunities because we know that every one of our customers is unique and has different requirements.

Our customers all have access to an exceptional suite of homeowner-focused marketing literature, including our unique colour guide, which features our entire colour range on real swatches of our distinctive woodgrain skin so homeowners can have the confidence to think outside the box when it comes to colour.

For customers who create their own promotional literature, we have an asset library that has high quality images of every single door and glass style we offer. It also has stunning lifestyle photos that have been produced by a specialist CGI company, helping to bring marketing material to life. We are planning significant investment in this library this year so our customers have even more choice of images they can use to showcase the quality that a Distinction door brings.

At Distinction Doors we recognise that our success depends on our customers’ success. Our door is the most popular in the UK because of its market-leading qualities, but that’s only half the story. If our customers are going to make the most of the opportunities out there, we need to support them with value-added marketing support that helps them to grow and we’ll ensure we continue to do everything we can to do exactly that.

February 2016