The composite door market is buoyant, which means exciting opportunities for everyone involved. But a buoyant market also means a crowded market and in order to stand out from the composite crowd you need to choose a door that’s unique in the marketplace.

How do we stand out? Simple – our business elements such as stock availability, customer service and support are vital ingredients when deciding on your choice of composite partner.  In Distinction Doors and nxt-gen you have what you need in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

So, what makes us different?

Firstly, our stock availability far exceeds other composite door suppliers with over 79,000 door slabs in stock at any one time at our headquarters in Yorkshire – 260% more than our nearest rival. Coupled with around 180,000 glazing cassettes and 45,000 triple glazed units, it’s an impressive offering that translates into excellent OTIF orders.

Secondly, we’ve been in the composite door market since the very beginning so we know it inside out and we know what customers are looking for now. What’s more, our status as a composite door specialist means we’ve got the means to invest in research and development. It’s something that’s reflected in the scale of the investment we’ve made in the development, design and production of nxt-gen.  This has allowed us to launch a product that sets a new benchmark for the rest of the industry to follow. In short, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to composite door design.

So what does nxt-gen offer our customers?

Nxt-gen offers a wealth of benefits for our customers – no more cassettes! There are significant cost savings to be made in waste reduction as each door is delivered pre-apertured and stock holding is also reduced as all doors come pre-fitted without the need for cassettes. Glazing is far easier, as is de-glazing and maintenance, because the glazing system is integral and preformed and the internal glazing bead is prefitted in one piece.

We don’t just have doors – our Distinction Glass brand is second to none! The range comprises of 24 designs across four collections and a range of contemporary styles designed around each door style. All Distinction Glass designs are triple glazed and laminated as standard, something that offers three major benefits. It helps maintain thermal efficiency, it ensures the glass is easier to keep clean because the decorative panel is enclosed within two clear panes and it increases security levels too.   Our range is available in prep/glazing options which provide further support for our customers.

Our impressive in-house paint plant facility also adds value for our customers. Colour has really taken off in the past couple of years and Distinction has kept pace with demand by being at the forefront of this development.

As the industry’s biggest supplier of composite doors, we have a responsibility to ensure our customers are equipped with the support they need.  To make the most of our door’s market-leading credentials and to make even more headway in a competitive market we offer a comprehensive marketing support package.

Our inhouse talented team work with our clients to creative compelling marketing literature, from design concept through to print and digital.  This is driven directly with each customer through our bespoke design boutique service offering personal marketing value. Our website has a useful showroom locator to drive custom to the nearest customer showroom. Showroom packs are also available to help promote sales in the showroom environment too. Finally, our ever-popular door-designer application can be personalised by our customers and even their customers to promote their composite door offering.

We have the best technical support in the industry (which our new customers tell us every day). Our team of experts are always on hand to support new and existing customers as well as answer any technical queries about the fabrication and installation of our products.

We’re right to celebrate the success of composite doors, but we also recognise that to capitalise on opportunities, you need to stand out from the rest. In stock availability, range of products and excellent customer service you have the means to do exactly that.