Dave Walker, Technical Director at Distinction Doors, says that the unveiling of their next-generation door signifies a pioneering leap forward in the composite door market and firmly establishes Distinction Doors at the forefront of innovation within the industry.

Distinction Doors were one of the first companies to launch composite doors into the UK market, way back in 2004 when composite doors were a niche product. Today, composite doors are the UK’s most popular choice of door and Distinction Doors are the market leader with an impressive 50% share. Our door is widely renowned as having a proven pedigree and being the best you can get, because it offers a unique combination of stunning aesthetics, enhanced security and supreme structural integrity.

Despite having the market-leading product, we have always kept our finger on the pulse. It’s only by monitoring and understanding what our customers want that we can be well positioned to pioneer new developments, deliver what the market needs and continue to lead the field.

As a result, we unveiled our next-generation door at the FIT Show and, judging by the buzz we generated, it’s got everything you’ve been looking for and more.

Our primary objective from the start of this new product development was to develop an innovative glazing system that delivers significant benefits to our customers, and I am delighted to say that the next-generation door has achieved exactly that. It’s been skilfully designed to save fabrication time and waste, helping our customers to realise significant efficiency savings.

The next-generation door will be available pre-apertured in our six most popular door styles (Eclat Arch, Eclat, Esteem, Elegance Half Glazed, Classical and Classical Half Glazed) all in three different trimmable sizes. This relative simple concept delivers huge benefits. It saves on average two minutes in machining time per door, meaning fabricators can increase machine capacity without increasing labour costs. It also means significant savings can be made in energy consumption and waste disposal costs, whilst also protecting the environment.

But that isn’t all. The door’s standout feature is the revolutionary new integral glazing system, which has patent pending status. It has an internal one-piece glass retention bead that significantly reduces glazing time and glazing consumables by at least 50% when compared with the traditional glazing cassette system.

These figures make impressive reading, especially when you consider that a major aim of every fabricator is to make processes as streamlined as possible in order to reduce manufacturing time. The next-generation door does exactly that and what’s more, it does so without any machinery investment or disruptive changes to processes.

At the same time as benefitting fabricators through operational efficiencies, we’ve also succeeded in enhancing the door’s aesthetics even further. The glazing bead sits flush within the door, delivering crisp clinical sightlines and unrivalled balanced aesthetics with the door’s mouldings. And to give homeowners peace of mind, its specification has already proven its ability to satisfy the requirements of PAS24 2016, ensuring compliance to Document Q and Secured by Design certification as standard.

Furthermore, we also unveiled a new glass range at the FIT Show within our stunning glass wall which certainly attracted plenty of attention! The new range will encompass everything from classic to cutting edge, be available in all conventional sizes and will be triple glazed to offer maximum thermal efficiency and make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy for the homeowner.

As you can tell from the figures, the next-generation door doesn’t just deliver small improvements, it delivers innovations that set a new standard. For anyone looking to make the most of the composite door market and the opportunities that are available, the next-generation door by Distinction Doors has everything you need.

To find out more about the next-generation door, visit www.distinctiondoors.co.uk/nxt-gen for everything you need to know.