This month, Distinction Doors has unveiled a new visual identity with progressive and modern branding.  Speaking with Glass Times Distinction Doors marketing manager, Bethaney Larkman explained that the project was about developing the brand for a better and more accurate representation of the business.

“The current identity was created around seven years ago, and while we understand that it’s recognised by the trade industry it was letting us down due to inconsistencies in colour, format etc.  We needed to change it to ensure we had a strong business identity in the marketplace.

“We also had to evolve to appeal to the consumer market; to elevate and create the pull for our customers.”

The other motivation was the need for a design scheme which was fit for purpose.  While only seven years’ old the current branding was designed primarily for brochures, vehicles and signage.

“The branding was very practical.  It has done its job, but we knew we needed to make a change – creating an identity which works across multiple touchpoints while staying true to our values and core business.”

Premium Door Supplier

Today, Distinction Doors is the UK’s largest supplier of composite doors and was one of the first to launch to the UK market.  The new identity builds on this heritage and acknowledges how the company has evolved into a premium composite door supplier.

“Through independent research, we have confirmed our value proposition.  Two factors rated highly with those surveyed – product quality – it’s the best on the market and they’d prefer to buy our doors over others in the industry, and product range – we have the largest range in the industry with over 300 door styles.  Our people and customer service were also described as second to none, and it is apparent that we are focussed on both our customers and products.

“The rebrand had to acknowledge this.”

Switch to Black

Further research indicated that a switch to black would help demonstrate the brand’s premium status and underpin its values.

“There are many brands which use a black logo – Apple, John Lewis, SMEG, Farrow & Ball, for example.  All are premium brands.  The research we did said that a black logo portrayed authenticity; conveyed respectability; it was serious and symbolic of professionalism; and it evoked feelings of elegance, substance and power.

The new Distinction Doors identity is 100% black.  The typeface, Gotham Book is a visual representation of the Distinction Doors tone and voice.  It is clean, clear and simple, and delivers confidence.

To preserve the premium identity, Bethaney and her team permit only subtle colours in neutral tones when enhancing other design items such as literature.

“This isn’t a marketing campaign.  Our new identity is a statement of intent.  It proves our commitment to supreme quality, both inside and out, exceptional value, service and experience.”

Rollout Begins

The new look appears from this month on the façade of the company head office and factory in Barnsley.  All digital channels have already been switched over, and the new visuals will start to appear quickly on stationery, literature, vehicles, displays and point of sale.  A new website is due to launch later this summer, and the popular door-designer is also being refreshed.

The update has also coincided with the launch of the latest Distinction Doors product brochure.


New Brochure

Created in-house, the new retail brochure is the first marketing tool to showcase the premium identity.

“We know that many of our customers direct consumers to our website, using it as their shop window, but more often, it’s our brochure which does the hard work.  Particularly our printed brochure.  Many consumers still like something to touch, absorb and refer to.  For our customers, it’s the perfect sales aid, walking and talking the consumer through the sales pitch.”

A good brochure should engage, educate and inform the reader.  “Ultimately, it should strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the brand.  That’s why it’s such an important aspect of our rebrand.”

The Distinction marketing team were inspired by the design details and visual allure of consumer magazines and leading consumer brands.  This has led to the creation of a more nuanced product brochure.

“The design and content are representative of our values.  Visually, the brochure is much cleaner and subtle – it encourages the reader to sit and flick through, dog-earing pages of interest.  The style is professional yet welcoming.  While the copy balances knowledge and expertise with friendly advice and guidance.

“We believe our new rebranded product brochure is an essential sales tool for installers and home improvement companies.”

To learn more about Distinction Doors and how to benefit from its status as a premium composite door supplier, get in touch.