Distinction Doors is the market leading composite door company. But it doesn’t just lead in terms of market share it also leads in terms of innovation. Andy Grogan, Distinction Doors’ National Sales Manager, explains more.

Change and innovation are what drives any industry forward. It’s something we’re passionate about as a company. As market leaders we feel it’s our responsibility to blaze a trail and it’s something we’re proud to deliver on.

Take nxt-gen as an example. The door range was developed with the aim of taking the industry to the next level and that’s exactly what it’s done. Nxt-gen doors have a sleek, elegant finish that’s unique because they have a glazing system that sits flush within its frame and use an internal glass retention bead. In other words, nxt-gen gives our customers something new.

It isn’t just us that says this – our customers agree.

HS Trade has been a Distinction Doors’ customer for over ten years. HS Trade added the nxt-gen range to its fabrication set-up four months ago. Director Michael Gromett says: “For us it was all about the aesthetics. The look of door is unique and the mouldings and design is superb. It really stands out in the marketplace and offers our customers something new.”

Apart from the aesthetics it was important to us to look at how we could improve the fabrication process so fabricators could make their setups more efficient. It’s a development that’s also been welcomed by our customers.

Astraseal Group is one of our longest-standing customers and manufactures around 30,000 Distinction doors a year. Astraseal recently introduced the nxt-gen door to its portfolio and Production Managers Karl Cornwell and Andy Gailey both highlight the advances nxt-gen has made to the fabrication process. They say: “It’s the best door slab that we have worked with. The product is extremely easy to manufacture with considerably less waste. There is no storage of cassettes needed, plus the ease and speed of manufacture impacts across the whole fabrication process from improved efficiencies through to less wear and tear on our fabrication machinery.”

We don’t just deliver innovation in our product range. We also deliver innovation in terms of the way we present our business and enable our customers to tap into homeowner requirements. For example, Distinction Glass is a range that’s exclusive to Distinction Doors and it highlights the exceptional benefits our glazing units offer. It’s different because it brings the glazing element to the fore, reflecting the importance it has in consumer decision making.

Then there’s the support we offer. Composite doors are the most popular type of entrance door in the UK today and consequently there is lots of choice in the market. Distinction doors are the market leader in part because they offer the best combination of benefits on the market – exceptional aesthetics, thermal efficiency, durability and security all in one. But it’s also because we give our customers unparalleled support in getting homeowners through the showroom doors so they can highlight these benefits.

We have a comprehensive marketing package, including bespoke support. Our Skin Book, which is a first for the industry, shows our complete range of colours on actual Distinction woodgrain skins so homeowners can choose their door colour with confidence, giving our customers a valuable opportunity to upsell.

Our website is consumer-focused and features a new showroom locator to encourage homeowners to explore Distinction products in person. Then, once they’re in the showroom, we have a showroom support package to help installers explain the Distinction difference and help close the sale. We also have a bespoke door-designer platform that can be embedded in a website or used in the showroom to help homeowners visualise their own doors and therefore make them more likely to buy. It’s a package that works. Karl and Andy from Astraseal say: “The traffic has significantly increased across our domestic showrooms thanks to Distinction’s approved showroom locator platform.”

So if you want to partner with a composite door supplier that will add value and give you a competitive advantage, talk to Distinction Doors. I’ll give the last word to Michael from HS Trade: “Distinction continually brings something new to the party. They clearly have their fingers on the pulse with regard to door trends and design. They constantly update and launch new products and support packages. They add real value to our business.”