Predicting the future feels rather daunting after the year we’ve had but Andy Grogan, national sales manager for Distinction Doors suggests that agility will be crucial for business success in 2021.

As the vaccine rollout begins, we can cautiously turn our attention to getting life and business back on-track.  But this, of course, throws up the inevitable question, do we want life to return to pre-pandemic normality?  For many, I believe the answer will be no, indeed, it is unlikely that we will ever recapture our ‘old’ normal.  Too much has changed.

We’re not going back to the same economy – its recovering but to a different economy.  So, the key question for all UK businesses, is which new customer behaviours will stick and which will fade as we tentatively embrace life, away from the eye of the COVID storm.  Getting this right will be integral to business success over the next two to three years.  That is why businesses must be fit-for-purpose and adaptable to unexpected realities.

An agile business can deliver value to its customers, faster.  It will be a go-to partner.  This will be most notable in the retail sector where changes in consumer behaviour have the greatest impact.

In April 2020, the annual Ofcom Online Nation report revealed that ‘adults [were] spending [a] record four hours a day online on average…’, up from just under three and half hours in September 2019.  An agile retailer would have been quick to respond this shift – reviewing ad expenditure, platform exposure, user experience and content.  Add to this a pandemic-spike in Ecommerce and a cohesive and responsive online presence will be vital in 2021.

As we start another year, every company is having to rethink its approach.  We must be evaluating our earlier forecasts with a sharp-mind and clear-eye and decide whether to continue with our priorities or embrace the pivotal and fast-thinking mode of 2020.

We must respond to ‘…the broader trends taking place – the way consumers choose to shop, the way employees wish to work, and the services and products they want to buy.’ (source: Marketing Week).  We must be fleet of foot.