That our industry stopped offering silly lead times at the risk of harming product quality? Having thrown that cat amongst the pigeons, I do not believe that these requirements are mutually exclusive. But I do believe that buyers, at every point in the distribution chain from homeowner back, increasingly expect ‘fast-food’ service with ‘Michelin Star’ expectations for product quality.

Every business, Distinction included, must continually search for and develop efficiencies within their organisation that focus on improvements in service, manufacture and logistics. But high quality products demand greater attention to detail during manufacture, using materials and manufacturing techniques that are more complex to process .

As in all the best things in life, expectations must be managed – at every level – to ensure that unrealistic lead times do not impinge upon the quality of the product. Which means that when that product is delivered and installed, the perceptions of quality that drove customers to make the buying decision in the first place, will not disappoint.