At the end of 2018 Distinction Doors entertained members of the press at the company’s Barnsley factory. Showcasing their investment in prepped door machinery that will see their capacity nearly treble, I was equally impressed with the investment they place within their staff.

Often overlooked or poorly implemented, the health and wellbeing of the workforce is proving to not only be an ethically right consideration, but one that separates the great companies from the good. With recent news stories of working conditions at sports stores to online retail giants, the health & wellbeing of staff has reputational implications, but more importantly it also has a direct effect on the quality and consistency of products and services.

What becomes obvious when touring Distinction’s factory is how genuinely happy and motivated the workforce is. Working shifts of 8 hours, the company intuitively recognise the factory floor becomes a second home, so why not make it more welcoming? Just like any member of the family, staff can have their say on any topic in open quarterly briefs, suggestion boxes and through their line managers.

Helping Distinction Doors achieve Investors in People status in 2018, HR Director, Helen Lovack also plans to introduce listening workgroups to further expand on this and comments: “Providing a channel for staff to contribute & make suggestions increases their self-belief within the organisation, helping them to recognise the value we place within them.” An example of this are motivational statements dotted around the factory. Laminated and displayed plainly, they are produced not by management but by the ground floor staff themselves. A source of pride, they embody the values of the company and its staff. Passion, exceptional customer service, equality & respect, operating with integrity and leading & innovating.

Following on from 2018’s successful staff incentive scheme, employees that demonstrate Distinction’s values in 2019 will be nominated by managers for the chance to be rewarded with lifestyle vouchers. The decision to go with experiences over a material or monetary reward should prove wise. A quick search online will show many advantages to this, for example research from San Francisco State University in 2016 demonstrated people enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them to be a better use of money.

Demonstrating this further, employees have even formed leagues for snooker and table tennis with annual competition finals fully embraced by Distinction Doors. Other competitions ran include the Christmas best dressed office, which this year went to Customer Services and their Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

It’s said the best jobs are the ones you love to do. For most people, this seems reserved for Hollywood actors or the footballers but that’s not always true. Like Distinction Doors, considering your employees health and wellbeing is a great first step.