Marketing budgets, and marketing staff, are usually the first to suffer cuts in difficult times, and many would say, wrongly. But has this past year changed your marketing thinking and efforts, or changed how you market your products or services? Are you using different channels now that face-to-face contact with your customers is restricted? What are those changes, and do you think they will become your marketing norm? Indeed, has the need to think outside-the-box actually benefitted your marketing and, in turn, your sales? 

Bethaney Larkman
Marketing Manager
Distinction Doors

We have embraced the marketing opportunities created by the pandemic and have increased activity in areas influenced by real-time data and consumer and industry research.  This has enabled effective PR, both on and offline customer and industry communication, and proactive decision making based on the here and now.  We have also seen extraordinary and sustained growth and engagement online.

This activity has been complemented by a rise in hard-copy brochure requests, in fact we have sold almost 10,000 in just three weeks.  While there has been a surge in online activity, our experience shows there is still demand for literature – whether it’s print or digital, and we are currently working on multiple brochures, alongside bespoke customer requests.

Going forward, we have set a flexible marketing strategy for the next 12-18 months focussing on customer integration and new data.