A recent Instagram search revealed 652k posts for #frontdoor.  The stream was alive with colour, foliage, and some of the smartest (read styled /curated) entrances that I’ve ever seen.  Posts varied from magnificent entrance doors to grand period properties to sleek, modern designs on new build homes.

One account even curate the pretty front doors of Britain!  Awash with colour clashes and complementary flowers, wreaths and accessories, it has attracted over 36k followers.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that paint companies across the globe have latched on to the power of influencers, with promotional posts popping up against renovators and self-confessed DIY obsessives.

Grey, Grey, Wahey!

While the shocking pinks and sunshine yellows draw the eye, the popularity of muted tones prevail.  Something that we too have experienced in 2020/21.  Our top four colours have remained resolutely tonal for the past 18 months – Anthracite Grey; Mouse Grey; Traffic Grey and Chartwell.

Grey has dominated, with five top ten entries in 2021 YTD.  There are also three variations of blue – Steel Blue; Duck Egg and Distant Blue.  Ruby Red is proving to be a curve ball this year, currently sitting at number eleven, only a handful of doors behind Distant Blue.

We believe these subdued shades are persisting due to consumers wishing to create a cohesive entrance to their home, setting the first and last impression.  Speaking to Homes and Gardens, interior designer, Monique Tollgard said: ‘the front door is […] a prelude for the style that lies within.’  While Dulux’s Colour Designer, Rebecca Thompson says that ‘It’s important to coordinate the door with the rest of the house.  Look closely at the underlying hues within your walls and natural surroundings to ensure they don’t clash.’

It will be interesting, however, to see how the second half of the year pans out as the A/W fashion trends are polarised – from super brights, with densely pigmented colours headlined by the runaway pink colour trend, to a more sophisticated palette of muted tones. Will the trend for bold shades impact our Grey-heavy top five?

Mix or Match?

One other consideration is the option to mix and match – either matching the interior of the door to the exterior colour, or going off-piste, and choosing an altogether different shade for the inside.

While we often find that white is a popular finish for the internal face, our door-designer data reveals that consumers are experimenting with colour, internally.  They either match that of the exterior face, complement it or in some instances, clash!  We believe that this is entirely personal preference.

The alternative, of course, is to work from the inside, out; selecting an exterior door colour which works with the interior décor – a trick favoured by designers and influencers.  This may explain the dominance of Greys and Blues in our top ten in 2020 and 2021 YTD.  We know that both shades have ruled recent interior style guides.

Feeling Flush – New Products

In the year to date, sales of our contemporary door styles have increased 157%.  Furthermore, this produces a 133% increase in contemporary styles on flush slab.  This figure represents one of our most significant findings in 2021 – consumers are embracing flush products.

This is reflected in the increased popularity of our nxt-gen range, featuring six door styles each with our flush-fitted beading system.

Interest in the flush finish has led to product development and investment in several new products due to launch later this year, including a new entry to our nxt-gen range.

Secured by Design

It’s also encouraging to see bloggers and online articles discussing door security; recognising that front door selection isn’t all about style.  There’s substance behind the aesthetics.  I’m also noticing the Secured by Design initiative featuring more prominently in consumer media, when addressing front door ideas etc.  It’s reassuring to see SBD bridging the gap between trade/commercial and consumers.

As this year rattles on at speed, we expect to see colour and flush products lead the way in door decision making.  However, we believe that performance especially thermal efficiency and security will play an increasingly bigger part in that process, as consumers move away from the disposable, unsustainable culture, pre-pandemic.