Andy Grogan, associate sales director for Distinction Doors discusses the company’s latest product launches – the Venture Collection – a suite of four new cassette styles, and a new door design for the Infinity Collection.

We launched the Venture Collection just a few weeks’ ago and customers are already responding with enquiries and orders. We know these products have great potential and there is real demand, but the reaction is extremely promising. Once again, we are very pleased to be giving our customers more of what they want.

Steel Effect – Inside & Out

The Venture Collection is made up of four new cassette styles – the 8S, 8L, 8N and 8P. The cassettes are steel effect with a smooth texture on both the internal and external face.

They are perfectly suited to our Contemporary door range. Currently, the cassettes work with eight of our door styles, four from each of the Espirit and Infinity Collections, and we hope that this will increase overtime, depending upon demand.

Continental Flair

The cassettes have been designed to enhance our Contemporary doors and offer design flexibility. This was something we were very keen on. With the steel effect cassettes consumers can achieve a more European look – think defined geometric lines and sharp, industrial chic. It’s a simple change but it has real impact and elevates the doors.

To accomplish this modern, continental look it’s about far more than the finish and profile of the cassette though, it’s about positioning too. The 8S, 8L, 8N and 8P can be positioned left, centre and right across seven of the eight door styles. One is centre only.

For speed and ease, the cassettes are all snap fit and use the same glazing method as our other cassettes.

Steel Effect Only

You may be thinking why we aren’t spraying the cassettes in any colour and the answer is simple, why would we want to. To stay faithful to the look and feel of current continental door styles, it’s all about the steel effect. If consumers wish to inject personality into their entrance door or intensify the modern, high-quality styling then they can choose a laminated decorative glass – we have lots to choose from! The cassettes can also be glazed with triple-glazed units.

And then of course, there’s always the door colour. The neutrality of the steel effect means it pairs well with just about any door colour. Obviously grey is not only supremely popular but it ticks the European box for style. Fortunately, we offer an abundance of Greys and Neutrals, from Distinction Pebble Grey to Black and Distinction Basalt Grey. Bold tones like Colza Yellow RAL 1021 and Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002 also work extremely well – think Mediterranean coast!

New Door Style

To celebrate the launch of the Venture Collection, we have also introduced a new door style to the Infinity Collection – the GD11. Once again, the style is heavily influenced by European design. The modern GD11 has three horizontal glazing apertures positioned top, middle and bottom, against a grooved detail background.

As with all the doors in our Infinity Collection, the GD11 combines style with quality and security. The GRP composite door blank is Secured by Design accredited with a high-impact resistant skin and reinforced core. And something we can all be grateful for in the current climate, it’s 19% more thermally efficient than a 48mm solid timber core composite door.

For Distinction Doors customers the Venture Collection and GD11 door style are available to order online now.

To find out more about the Venture Collection and add a touch of je ne sais quoi to your portfolio, please get in touch with the UK’s premium composite door supplier.