Distinction Doors’ marketing manager, Bethaney Larkman discusses colour and door style trends, and how product developments are meeting the demands of the modern homeowner.

Each year, Pantone and Dulux announce a colour of the year.  Based on the research and insight of forecasters and influencers, it is often a hue that the sets the tone for the year ahead, across interior and exterior paints, and home furnishings and accessories.

Just like fast fashion, these colours have an impact on the items produced and sold in interior shops and by home retailers across the UK.  And while these products may often be ‘disposable’ and designed to refresh a space rather than transform it, we believe that these trends shouldn’t be limited to scatter cushions and tins of paint.  Why shouldn’t people be able to buy an entrance door that is bang on trend?

Our paint shop is just one area of our business which enables us to do just that – produce doors that are à la mode.  We can respond to these trends, quickly, and best of all, we can paint the interior side of the door leaf any colour too!

Colour Trends

In recent years, Pantone and Dulux have chosen a wide variety of tones for their colours of the year, including Dulux Denim Drift in 2017 and Heart Wood in 2018; and Pantone’s Greenery (15-0343) in 2017 and Ultra Violet (18-3838) in 2018.

In response, we expanded our bespoke colour range to include shades such as, Pale Roundel Red (BS 454) – evocative of Dulux Heart Wood, and Signal Violet (RAL 4008) – a close match for Pantone Ultra Violet.  Nestled amongst our bespoke colour offering, these shades have proven popular with homeowners wishing to create a stylish entrance – a step up from the everyday front door.

Grey is the Colour

One of the most enduring colour trends in the fenestration industry is grey.  Swathes of new build developments across the UK now boast grey windows, roofline and entrance doors.  In 2019, five shades of grey featured in our best-selling list – Distinction Anthracite, Mouse (RAL 7005), Traffic (RAL 7042), Light (RAL 7035) and Silk Grey (RAL 7044).  And yet, while grey is still extremely popular, we are finding that people are seeking something a little different – aware that grey is becoming the new ‘norm’.

Our top 10 colours 2019 featured another dominant shade – blue.  In fact, it’s a 50/50 split between grey and blue tones.  The spectrum varies from the homeowner’s favourite, Duck Egg (BS 16 C 33) through to the vibrant and rich, Ultramarine Blue (RAL 5002).  Its popularity comes as Pantone names Classic Blue (19-4052) as its Colour of the Year 2020 so it appears that Distinction customers are well ahead of the curve!

Doors with Style

Unlike colours, our top-selling door styles in 2019 were far more varied, as homeowners sought individuality.  Our Esprit (C09C) flew the flag for contemporary styling along with our recent addition – GD01, combining privacy with modernity.  Arches proved an enduring trend, with the traditional Eclat Arch (EC02) featuring alongside its more progressive partner, Elegance Arch (EL02) – a favoured choice for those wishing to create a light-filled entrance.

Where more traditional styles were chosen, such as Esteem (ES02) and Elegance (EL01) some customers opted for our nxt-gen range, elevating the door with the flush-fitted inner frame and sleek lines.

Fusing traditional characteristics with modern design, the Rustic Renown (RR02) was an unsurprising addition to the best-seller list.  Scoring an A grade energy rating, it’s also a performance winner.

New 9D Cassette

As many of our customers will know, we are always working to improve our range.  Whether that’s proactive or reactive, we’re continuously looking for ways to deliver the best possible product.  While this can be the result of market demands and trends, sometimes change can be driven by listening to our customers.  The launch of our new 9D Quarter Glazed cassette is proof of this.

Released earlier this month, in response to customer demand, the new snap-fit projected cassette will be a popular choice for our Stable Door, and will offer increased design flexibility for five other 44mm door styles.

The 9D Quarter Glazed launches with an obscure glazing range – Clear, DD-Cots and DD-Stipp.  The Mini Blind and two decorative glass options will follow.

And so, as a new generation of homeowners embraces individuality, isn’t it about time you moved with the times?

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