Could the surge in stable door sales have something to do with the rapid rise of pet ownership in the UK? Bethaney Larkman, Marketing Manager for Distinction Doors, considers the case.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change. Not least for those who have chosen this time to welcome a new pet into their home.

Data published by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) in March 2021 stated that 3.2 million households had acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic.  The UK pet population is now 34 million, including 12 million cats and 12 million dogs.

But what on earth has pet ownership got to do with composite door sales, I hear you ask? Well, perhaps nothing but consider the stable door and all that it has to offer these new pet owners.

Commonly chosen as a back door, the stable door balances practicality with countryside style.

The flexibility of the upper and lower half door configuration offers ventilation and natural light, alongside privacy and security. The joy for dog owners, of course, is that the lower door can remain closed to prevent the animal leaving or entering the property, while retaining all the associated benefits of an open door.

Surge in Stable Door Sales

We, therefore, believe (!) it’s little wonder that sales of the Distinction stable door range; Stable Renown, Diamond, Quarter, Top and Solid have been extremely strong in 2021, as homeowners combine home improvement with pet ownership.

Most notable is the popularity of our Stable Quarter, our most recent addition and featuring a larger aperture.

Year-to-date, sales of the Stable Quarter are around 40% higher than the Stable Top and only a handful below the Stable Diamond. By the end of the year, we anticipate that the Quarter will pip the Diamond to second place behind the Stable Renown, by far our most popular stable door design.

9D Quarter Glazed Cassette

We launched the 9D Quarter Glazed cassette in early 2020 in response to customer demand. Many were confident that it would become our most popular cut-out style for our stable doors, and boy, were they right!

Initially only available with an obscure glazing range – Clear, DD-Cots and DD-Stipp, we were quick to introduce three new decorative glass options – Kara Zinc, Edwardian and Mini Blind. Coupled with the colour consistency of the snap-fit projected cassette, both fabricators and consumers are embracing this practical yet aesthetic door design.

Colour Perfect

With the latest design trends referring to maximalism colour is high on the agenda for the modern homeowner. Our stable doors make the most of our colour offering, with a choice of black, blue, green, red and white, alongside stains, Rosewood and Gold Oak. For the more adventurous, bespoke colours are available upon request.

The recent expansion of our paint shop has allowed us to increase the efficiency of our paint line to better support our customers in meeting consumer demand for individualism.

Resistant and Secure

The Distinction stable door utilises a specially developed mid-railed Cottage Stable door blank. Water resistant composites and reinforcement wood boost the inherent strength of our stable door. Being two half doors – an upper and lower – these two factors, water resistance and security are important in the consumer decision making process.

Our technical specification includes a meeting stile and rain deflector kit.  Both are products are available in black, blue, green, red, white, chrome and gold, these require trimming. Rebated outer and inner meeting stiles create a robust seal against sound, dust and light seepage.  The rain deflectors do exactly what they say, deflect rain away from the bottom of both the upper and lower doors to prevent water ingress and damage.

While the rack bolt combines the two half stable doors to make one complete entrance doorset, the secure performance of our stable door is met by a combination of two latch and dead bolt keeps and two hook bolt keeps. One for each half door.

While we may be barking up the wrong tree with our pet owner assumption one thing’s for sure, the stable door is emerging as a pandemic success story.

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