There are many reasons why fabricators choose to stay with, or indeed switch to a composite door supplier. Professional, personal and emotional factors all contribute.

As part of our corporate re-brand, we recently embarked on a mission to understand just what it is that maintains customer loyalty. The result was invaluable. It has not only informed our corporate strategy, but it has influenced every department in the business.

Independent Research

We started by confirming our value proposition through independent customer research. Two factors rated highly with those surveyed – product quality – it’s the best on the market and they’d prefer to buy our doors over others in the industry, and product range – we have the largest range in the industry with over 300 door styles. Our people and customer service were also described as second to none, and it is apparent that we are focussed on both our customers and products.

Heritage also played a part. We are the UK’s largest supplier of composite doors and were one of the first to launch to the UK market. We have almost 20 years’ experience in this sector which is evident in our product development, technical insight and our support services.

Product Quality

When pitched against competitor products customers repeatedly told us that our doors were far superior in finish, build quality and detail. Warping and bowing are common with other composite doors but thanks to water-resistant polymer composite rails, our products will help reduce water absorption which in-turn helps prevent a door from bowing.

After listening to our customers, we have been sure to highlight these features and benefits in our new product brochure. We have included an annotated cross section of a Distinction Doors door blank to educate consumers, for example. This has enabled us to better communicate the difference between a foam filled core and a solid timber composite door, something which can make all the difference when choosing between composite door suppliers.

Product Range

We have the largest door range in the industry; therefore, our customers do not lose a sale based on the design limitations of our products.  We have door styles, finishes, colours and glass to suit different types and age of property, individual taste and requirements.

And, we don’t have over 300 doors just because we’ve accrued them over time! To stay relevant, we regularly archive door styles and commission new ones.

New products are introduced after a period of rigorous R&D.  The initial proposal may be to satisfy market demand, or in response to forecasted trends. Our latest addition to the range, the 3 Quarter Lite, was the former. It has been created to meet consumer demand for an entrance door with a large, glazed aperture. It is likely to prove popular with our fabrication customers, their customers and end-users as it is suitable for both a front and back entrance door.


One of the biggest shake-ups to our product offering came in 2017 when we launched our nxt-gen range. With six door styles in total, they all feature the flush-fitted beaded system and moulding. This range has gone on to be our most successful yet, with sales increasing year-on-year as the demand for flush products continues to rise. We’re capitalising on this with the launch of a new door style, due imminently.

The 44.5mm nxt-gen door blank also has proven specification requirements to meet the certification of PAS 24:2016, helping to support Secured by Design approved fabricators in manufacturing the ultimate enhanced security doorset.

Our People

In an impersonal world people still buy from people. This came across loud and clear in our research.  Our staff have built strong and trusting relationships with our customers, across many departments. This makes all the difference to a successful partnership; something Doorsmart director, Craig Broadley commented on in an interview in 2021:

“The biggest reward in being a long-term Distinction customer is the very good working and personal relationships with the staff, especially Steve Jones, our area sales representative and Lois Lockwood, who looks after our account in customer services. Both excel in their roles.”

To find out how your business will benefit from our product quality, extensive range and support, get in touch.