Trade fabricator Consort Ltd has recently signed a new partnership with Distinction Doors and now manufactures the new nxt-gen composite door. Consort launched the nxt-gen door to their customers in October and the decision to switch suppliers was met with universal approval confirming nxt-gen’s status as the new generation of composite doors.

Jeff Dunn, Sales and Marketing Director of Consort, explains: “The decision to switch to Distinction and Nxt-gen was made for numerous reasons. The new standard in composite door design is immediately evident in the door’s stunning aesthetics. Nxt-gen offers clinical sightlines that deliver superb symmetry with the glazing apertures and line up perfectly with the depression mouldings. The glazing system is unique and sits flush within the frame and has an internal glass retention bead to create a sleek and impressive finish. Glazing is similarly as impressive as the nxt-gen door is quicker to glaze and uses a notable 50% less glazing consumables. Furthermore, the intelligent door design is also easier to deglaze as minimal sealant is required which is an advantage for remedials.”

A further factor in Consort’s decision to work with Distinction Doors was their attention to detail, making them a professional and efficient partner. Jeff said: “With the growth in composite doors it makes good sense to work with a company that can add value to our business.  We worked closely with Distinction Doors’ Design Boutique to produce our new bespoke 44-page ‘Magnum’ Composite Door retail brochure.  Our new brochure showcases our complete range: nxt-gen doors, 70mm doors, contemporary doors, Distinction Glass, hardware options and the impressive colour options.”

Consort has also introduced the new glass range offering their customers a fantastic choice without compromising on specification. With 6.8mm laminated glass as standard there are no concerns achieving Secured by Design and all doors achieve the more stringent 1.6 U value required by Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

Consort customers can also take advantage of Door-designer, the online door design platform which can operate on their own websites and in their own sales processes.

Long established and incorporated in 1996, Consort is one of the largest and longest established manufacturers of PVC-u window and door systems, patio doors, porches and conservatories in the UK. Its commitment to adding value has led to an informed choice of composite door partner.  As such, the partnership can only be destined for success!