The UK’s largest composite door supplier, Distinction Doors, has been reviewing the success of its online ordering system. Sarah Denham, Distinction’s Customer Service Manager, comments: “We kept the needs of our customers at the forefront of our minds when we were developing our online ordering system so it’s great to see how popular it’s proving.”

Distinction’s online ordering system has all the hallmarks of a tool designed to add value to a customer’s business. Perhaps the most important of these is the speed at which an order can be placed – under a minute from start to finish, which is good news when time is money. Orders placed online are subject to a later cut-off time than orders placed over the phone or email, giving you a few extra precious minutes each day before the order book closes too.

Then there’s the flexibility of the system. You can build an order then come back to it later, safe in the knowledge it will be saved on the system in the meantime. Each door order comes complete with the price and list of materials used so you have a quick reference when you’re doing administration and accounting. There are options to review and modify orders before placing them so you can double check the details before submitting them. And there is a copy function so you can place repeat orders at the click of a mouse.

You can choose to have as many logins as you want, so not only can any number of people have the ability to place orders, you’ve also got complete traceability and transparency about who ordered what in the event of a query.

Overall, the system is quick, simple and intuitive to use so it can add value to a business from the very first time it’s used.

Sarah is also keen to add that the system is under constant review so it can keep delivering value: “We encourage our customers to give us feedback about our online ordering system so we can develop the most popular requests into new features. It’s only by listening like this that we can continue to exceed expectations.”

Distinction Doors is renowned for keeping its finger on the pulse when it comes to design trends. In its online ordering system it’s clear that this commitment extends to customer innovation too.