Distinction Doors, the UK’s leading composite door supplier, now offers any colour across their entire composite door ranges, both internally and externally. Bethaney Larkman, Distinction Doors’ Marketing Manager said: “For the consumer, selecting the colour is one of the most important decisions when choosing a front door which is why we now offer all our doors in any colour. We are giving our customers and their installers a competitive edge to offer any colour door and add value to the sale.”

Distinction Doors opened their state-of-the-art paint plant back in 2015 with the investment bringing a wealth of benefits to Distinction’s customers. Bethaney explains: “We’re much closer to the painting process therefore we’re aware of trends in colour, which gives us great market insight that we can use to support our customers.

Our state of the art in-house paint plant allows doors and glazing cassettes to have an exact colour and woodgrain match across all our bespoke colours. This also means that customers benefit from having only one surface warranty. Our customers love that their consumers can choose the perfect colour for the exterior of their home and can choose a different colour for the interior side of the door for a seamless look and feel.”

As consumers become more adventurous with colour it makes good sense to partner with a composite door company who can offer all the colours you need. It’s what we call the Distinction difference!