Distinction Doors launched its 70mm door in 2014 and demand has been increasing ever since. For Andy Grogan, Distinction’s National Sales Manager, there are many reasons why more and more fabricators are turning to Distinction’s 70mm solution to meet the growing demand for high performance, highly energy efficient composite doors across all markets.

First and foremost it’s vital the addition of this product is as trouble-free as possible. This starts with the ease with which it can be added to workflows. “Our 70mm composite door is compatible with all existing 70mm PVC-u systems, which gives it a wealth of advantages,” Andy comments. “For example, PVC-u fabricators will find that the same hardware and furniture can be used across both systems for ultimate flexibility.” 

When it comes to machining, providing fabricators have an edge bander that will open up to accommodate the 70mm door thickness, fabricators who machine in-house only need limited additional tooling to enable them to create a gasket retention groove. “We can assist fabricators by writing the necessary CNC programme based on an SCM machine,” says Andy. “Failing that, we can offer a prepping service based on the required PVC-u profile specification.”

Glazing is similarly straightforward. “The 70mm glazing system is cosmetically no different to the snap cassette system used on our 44.5mm composite door,” says Andy. “When used on a 70mm door, the inner and outer cassettes are mated using simple connectors that have a de-glaze ability designed in.”

Distinction Doors also offers comprehensive technical support for fabricators adding the 70mm door range. Andy says, “Our technical team works with customers to put together machining specifications for options including their choice of PVC-u outer frame and sash system, hardware and furniture and low PVC-u and aluminium thresholds, as well as assisting with any training requirements. Furthermore, for customers needing assistance with developing marketing materials, support is available from Distinction’s in-house marketing department.”

The growth in demand for the 70mm composite door certainly shows no sign of slowing down making it an obvious addition to fabricators’ portfolio. And with the added reassurance of the ease with which it can be added to current operations along with the technical and marketing support available, it’s not surprising so many fabricators’ are making that addition.

February 2016