Changing Rooms was a TV phenomenon in the 1990s and early 00s. Renowned for daring design, silliness and MDF; each week viewers braced themselves for the reactions. Born out of the pandemic, the show returned to our screens earlier this summer after almost 20 years.

Channel 4 partnered with Dulux, ShineTV and MediaCom to reboot the show. For Dulux, it was a way of navigating the challenges of the pandemic. Its products were central to the makeovers and alongside a comprehensive social media campaign, it enabled the paint brand to engage and connect with a younger audience and a whole new generation of DIYers.

The figurehead of the reboot is undoubtedly, famed interior designer, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (LLB). Larger than life, LLB has squeaked, and hair flicked his way through each new makeover (leather trousers were standard attire and his mane of hair is extraordinary!). With a reputation for bold design, LLB did not disappoint. He did justice to the full spectrum of the Dulux colour chart.

Bring Colour Back

And that’s his mission. In an interview with Channel 4, LLB said: “The hill I’m dying on in this new iteration of Changing Rooms is about making Britain bright again, it is about bringing colour back into our interiors, because it’s about fun. I want people to understand that expressing your personality through the place you live is extraordinary.” (source:

The pre-show publicity highlighted the ‘sea of beige’ in florist Claire’s living room in episode one. By the time Laurence had worked his magic, it was fabulously ‘peacocky’ – his word, not ours! Her friend was less fortunate, with a ‘wall of hair’ art installation…

Over its six-week run, the primetime show proved the transformative power of colour. How it can influence our mood, behaviour and wellbeing. And what it says about who we are. As LLB says, it’s about expressing your personality.


We are all well-aware of how grey has dominated UK homes – both inside and out, for the best part of ten years now. It has become the go-to neutral. Laurence refers to it as the ‘greynaissance’.

“…grey is the most incredibly good colour for your rooms. But the thing is, you just don’t stop there, grey is about bone structure and once you’ve got a grey room you’ve then got to add colour and personality to it. I think the United Kingdom forgot to turn the page on that particular interior decoration manual. Paint it grey, it looks bigger, it creates light but, actually, on the other side of the page is, whatever you do, make sure that you put in a bit of raspberry or a bit of emerald or a bit of banana or just bring in something that will actually bring it to life.” (source:

While grey has dominated our colour offering this year – with 50% of our top 10 colours a shade of this new-neutral, we think it’s time that the streets of Britain became a little more Laurence!

Why not make the external side of an entrance door a real showstopper, and inject some personality into the façade? Then complement this with a shade of grey on the inside face, rather than white, picking up on LLB’s tip of using grey as a foundation.

Any RAL Colour

It is down to companies like us, alongside our customers and installer networks to guide and advise the nation – do your customers truly appreciate the colour options available to them? With our bespoke colour offering customers can choose any RAL colour!

Our brochure highlights colours such as Colza Yellow (RAL 1021); Signal Violet (RAL 4008); Azure Blue (RAL 5009) and Traffic Red (RAL 3020) but the options are endless. There’s a colour to suit everyone and every home.

In the year-to-date, tonal variations of blue and grey headline our top 25 bespoke colour usage. These are offset, however by a heart-warming array of reds, purples, cream neutrals, and a green and yellow. It appears, that Britain may be ready for colour after all!

And we’re here, ready to support you in delivering these extraordinary colours to customers across the UK and Ireland.

Increased Paint Capacity

Earlier this summer we expanded our paint facility with a new spray booth. This has allowed us to increase the efficiency of our paint line and support growing demand for our painted products. The new booth is complemented by further changes in the paint shop which have enabled us to increase paint volumes and support capacity.

So, if you want to find out more about our fully prepped service – we prep, paint and glaze the products – then get in touch. Together, we can brighten up Britain!