Distinction Doors’ sales and marketing director, Chantel Roach explains why it is no longer good enough to simply have an online presence; brands and businesses must be online present.

As China leads the global recovery from Coronavirus, researchers are looking to the Far East for insight and indicators on economic, social and cultural recovery.  One distinct area of change is our relationship and dependency on digital, across all age groups.

It appears that every element of life under lockdown is driven or influenced by a digital platform.  Whether it’s meeting on Zoom; Facetiming an elderly relative; binging on Netflix or loading virtual shopping baskets, more of our time is being spent online.

And web traffic is no longer predictable.  Where previously peaks may have hit between 6-10PM or even, 10-12PM in some instances, now we are seeing high volume traffic and engagement between 12-6PM.  Needless to say, this has turned scheduling and content creation on its head.

Online Investment

The ‘Covid-19 Learning from China’ report (Kantar China Research 2020) reveals that 85% of businesses surveyed see an opportunity for more investment in eCommerce and new channels due to consumers’ newly formed channel preferences.  81% see acceleration of company’s digital transformation.

Kantar anticipates that the shift in purchasing habits from offline to online isn’t going to be a short-term change but a fundamental transformation in shopping behaviour.  The report states that Covid-19 will accelerate digital and that the crisis has made it a priority.

So, as we progress towards a new normal, being online will no longer be good enough, it’s now about prioritising that presence, whether that’s investment or retention.

Online Present

When eCommerce isn’t part of your business strategy, it is easy to think that a website and a few social media accounts is ‘enough’ when it comes to having an online presence.  And for many this, along with the odd tweak e.g. mobile optimisation, has been sufficient, but this is no longer the case as demand calls for brands to be more present with regular and fresh engaging content.  This will be critical for brand survival and indeed, revival!

For many this will require a shift in priority, as online presence becomes an investment rather than a cost.  It must engage, excite and inspire.  And innovation has to go beyond your product offering.

With an emphasis on strong e-comms and great content optimised for customer experience, brands which recognise their customers as people – whether consumer or B2B, and stay true to their corporate values, will benefit the most.

Engaging Content

The current crisis has not only sparked a rise in digital usage, but it has also introduced a whole new audience to the internet.  User demographics have changed.  Internet journeys have been reset.  Search has resurfaced, as users look beyond influencers to discover more.  All of this of course, means that engaging, optimised content is crucial, and as a B2B supplier with an indirect route to the consumer, it is vital that we support our trade customers in responding to these behavioural changes.


Several years ago, we developed our online platform, door-designer, and it remains the perfect tool for drawing homeowners into a brand and its products.  They can choose every element of their new door, from the design and colour to the glazing panel, glass and hardware, before submitting a request for a quote.  They can even upload a photo of the front of their home and see how the door will really look.

With many homeowners turning to DIY and home improvement during lockdown, and others making a mental note of all the things they want to improve when we ‘get back to normal’, the door-designer will be an indispensable web tool in the coming months.

Working across desktop, tablet and mobile it is optimised for customer experience.  As such, it has long been a popular sales tool for Distinction customers.  We offer our customers a bespoke version of the platform, with greater functionality, for use on their own websites and in their sales processes.

For more information on door-designer and how Distinction Doors can support you in developing your business and becoming more digitally present, please contact support@distinctiondoors.co.uk.