Sales of Distinction’s nxt-gen range of composite door blanks are continuing to build as UK door fabricators become familiar with the list of benefits that this exceptional range brings to their production operations. These include significant reductions in machining time, waste and waste disposal costs, glazing consumables and glazing time. Machining time is reduced by an average of 2 minutes per door whilst machine capacity is increased or alternatively tooling yield is improved together with a reduction in energy consumption. Waste and environmental impact are also reduced.

The integral glass retention bead and revolutionary patented glazing system fitted to every nxt-gen door provide the fabricator with an average reduction in glazing time of at least 50%, whilst glazing consumables may also be reduced by half as there is no need for cassettes.

Aesthetics are enhanced: nxt-gen doors feature a unique one-piece glazing bead that sits flush with the door’s surface to provide balanced aesthetics with the door’s mouldings.