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About us

Who are Distinction Doors?

Distinction Doors were one of the first companies to introduce composite doors to the UK in 2004 and we’re still the market leader over 15 years later. Distinction Doors have formed an unrivalled pedigree for providing premium quality products, thanks to their renowned GRP composite door slab and complimentary glazing cassette system. To date over 4 million Distinction Doors have been installed in the UK.

I’m a homeowner, can I get a quote?

Distinction Doors are a component supplier offering doors and door glass to the trade however, we have a network of customers that are able to provide you with a full doorset quote. To obtain a quote, please visit our easy to use door-designer application. Once you have designed your ideal door, please click ‘Request a quote’.

I’m a homeowner, why can’t I buy directly from you?

Distinction Doors are component providers to the fabricating sector, supplying door slabs, glass and cassettes to a customer base who furnish and hang within their own manufactured frames completing the doorset. We can’t provide you with a cost directly, as we don’t supply the full doorset to the end-consumer. Please visit our easy to use door-designer application design your ideal door or, enter your postcode into our Showroom Locator to find the nearest customer/showroom to your home.

Do you have a showroom?

We do not offer a showroom facility at Distinction headquarters however, we have a network of customer showrooms for you to visit. Please enter your postcode into our Showroom Locator, to find the nearest showroom to your home.

Please note, our showrooms are managed through our customer base. If you would like to view a certain product, we would advise to call beforehand to check.

What colours are available?

We have a large scale of colours available. See some of our range here.

Our doors can be painted dual colour – choose the perfect colour for the exterior and match the interior colour with your décor for a seamless look and feel.

What glass styles are available?

We have a wide range of glazing styles available which perfectly complement our door styles. You can view the range here.

Can I request a brochure?

Yes, you can request a digital brochure, in which the brochure will be delivered directly to your chosen e-mail address. Request a brochure here



Caring For Your Door

How do I look after my new composite door?

Everything about your Distinction composite door has been designed to be easy to maintain.

To prolong the life of the surface and to keep that showroom finish, a small amount of care and attention is recommended. How often will depend on where you live; In a coastal or heavily industrialised area or near a busy main road, cleaning may need to be more frequent. We recommend that you only use warm soapy water (washing up liquid is suitable) with a lint free cloth and wipe dry with a soft clean cloth.

To prevent surface damage, please do not;

  • Use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads
  • Use pressure washers or steam cleaners
  • Apply any type of bleach or solvent
  • Apply any adhesives of any type or tack
  • Have any contact with any sharp objects


Can I paint my composite door?

We do not recommend painting your composite doors and it will affect your warranty.

If I have any questions who should I contact?

If you have any questions about your new door you should contact your installer who should be able to help.

What guarantees do you offer?

If you are a homeowner, please be aware that Distinction Doors is a supplier of blank composite door leafs to fabrication companies. We do not supply complete doorsets, nor do we sell to the public. Your supplier/ installer will have their own warranties, please contact them if you wish to speak about your doorset warranty further.





What is the construction of a Distinction Composite Door?

Manufactured from Thermoset GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester), the doors are compression moulded to give a high-definition panel design with the character of timber. The stiles and rails are composed of water-resistant polymer which is bonded to the skin and filled with an insulating core of 100% CFC-free polyurethane.

How is a Distinction door different to a UPVC door?

Unlike UPVC doors construction of plastic only, a Distinction composite door is constructed with a multitude of materials, including GRP (glass reinforced polyester) and a CFC- polyurethane foam core.

A Distinction composite door is 44mm thick which compares to a standard UPVC door of 28mm. Distinction composite doors are extremely thermally efficient and weather resistant.

What sizes are your doors?

Our doors come in three standard sizes of range of sizes. Trade customers can log on to our Asset Library where our datasheets can be found.

What testing are your doors compliant to?

A Distinction GRP composite door is compliant to the following:

  • Weather performance proven to BS 6375-1 for weather tightness, air, wind and water
  • Meets Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC): 26db
  • Meets Sound Transmission Class (STC) 29db
  • Achieves Global Warming Potential (GWP) score of less than 5
  • Achieves Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) score of zero

Meets UK Building Regulations minimum U value requirements of 1.6 W/Mtr2/K

How thermally efficient are your doors?

A Distinction composite door is the best choice you can make. Tests* prove a Distinction GRP composite door is; up to 19% more thermally efficient than a 48mm solid timber core composite door and up to 17% more thermally efficient than a 44mm traditional timber panelled door.

*Our Signature composite doors have been independently tested at the University of Salford’s Energy House against a solid timber core composite door (48mm) and a timber panelled door (44mm). This is a typical Salford 1919 terraced house and its construction represents 21% of the UK’s current housing stock.

Can you provide me with a u-value?

Distinction Doors are a component supplier offering doors and door glass to the trade. Unfortunately a door slab alone does not have a u-value. Please speak to your fabricator/installer as a u-value can only be worked out for a full door set including the frame. Our doors have indicative energy ratings of A – C in our brochure, with A delivering the highest performance levels.



I want to open a trade account, how do I do this?

Thank you for your interest in Distinction Doors. Distinction Doors are a component supplier offering door slabs and door glass to the trade. If you would like component only supply please email with your location and proposed door order volumes. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

How do I get a full doorset quote?

We have a network of customers that are able to provide you with a full doorset quote. Please visit our Showroom Locator to see your nearest customer, or email


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